Who are the Geeko Foundation?

We are a network of global partners designed to support the advancement of emerging open-source initiatives, technologies and projects. The foundation is the home for open-source projects and is designed to mutually benefit both projects and contributors. This is done through flexible sponsorship programs and charitable donations. 

What do we do?

We function as a transparent treasury accounting for incoming funds and the disbursements of those funds for project stakeholders. These funds are spent on activities benefiting the open-source projects as the foundation exists to:
  • Promote the use of open source software and hardware, including the Linux operating system and other tools that enhance its function
  • Stage global events for educational purposes as well as promote and advance the use of open source software
  • Advocate open technical standards in the private, corporate and public sectors
  • Create an environment to support open source innovations
  • Promote the re-use of computer hardware, reducing e-waste and extending hardware life cycles.
  • Provide computer systems and expertise to communities in need
  • Generate analytics to measure participation in open-source projects

How do we do it?

Founders, organizations and entrepreneurs can help fund existing and future projects though the foundation as it serves as an endowment for open-source IT projects. The trust offers a mechanism to transfer naming rights of open-source projects should brand owners and contributing communities mutually agree to the transfer of a project's naming rights. The not-for-profit foundation aids in managing the finances and disbursements for projects and assists with the fundraising efforts generated from community activities. 

How do I get involved?

We are working on a range of sponsorship methods, stay tuned!